Art & Design


Statement of Intent

Art & Design offer unique opportunities for students to reveal their potential, express their ideas, develop their imaginations, investigate a wide range of images and products and develop their problem-solving skills.  Students working in the subject areas will develop knowledge about themselves, others, culture and society and will develop a visual literacy which will enable them to respond using a range of processes, techniques and materials.

Implementation- Curriculum map






Students who take a GCSE Art and Design will study the OCR course. Those studying the
A level study the AQA course. By studying these courses;

Students will have:

  • the ability to carry out testing across a range of techniques
  • the ability to evaluate both their own and others work
  • the ability to justify their own opinions

By studying this subject students will:

  • develop their critical thinking skills
  • develop purposeful research skills
  • develop knowledge and understanding of art, craft and design in historical and contemporary contexts, societies and cultures
  • develop presentation skills
  • become confident in taking risks
  • build on the ability to formulate original ideas
  • improve numeracy and literacy skills
  • develop computer aided design skills
  • improve self-management

Career Implications

Studying this subject may lead to a wide variety of career paths for example; Art gallery curator, Art therapist, Art teacher, Illustrator, Textile designer, Conservator, Architecture, Fashion buying and Set design.

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