Our Staff

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Senior Leadership Team


Ms Patricia Hammond

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs K. Bradley

Assistant Headteacher

Ms I. Ashmead

Assistant Headteacher

Mr S. King

Assistant Headteacher

Mr M. McGeown

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs A.Ayres


Mrs R. Barry

Head of Finance Facilities and IT

Mrs J. Green

Clerk to the Governing Body/Executive Assistant

Heads of Year and Achievement Leads



Head of Year 7

Mr M.Fisher

Progress Lead Year 7

Mrs C.Wilcock

Head of Year 8

Mrs D.Edwards

Progress Lead Year 8

Mr J.Marshall

Head of Year 9

Mrs M.Still

Progress Lead Year 9

Mr J.Mills

Head of Year 10

Ms H. McKenna

Progress Lead Year 10

Ms N. Fernandez

Head of Year 11

Ms H. McKenna

Progress Lead Year 11

Mrs M. Langthorne

Sixth Form Team



Head of Sixth Form

Ms T. Brown

Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Mr G. Holvey

Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Ms D. Briden

Sixth Form Co-ordinator

Mrs M. Hardacre

Mathematics and Computing



Tutor Group


Head of Faculty

Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator


Miss R.Bain

Rowan 11

2nd in Faculty

Key Stage 5 Co-ordinator

Mr M.Ward Oak 6th Form

Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator

Matthew Roche

Willow 7


Mrs A.Ayres


  Mrs H.McLean Rowan 10


Mrs L. Rhodes

Beech 11


Miss R. Sebastian

Ash 8


Mr A. Sopisz

Yew 8


Mrs T. Stonell

Cedar 10


Mr A. Willson

Maple 8

Head of Computing

Mr. N Umney

Beech 10


Mr. D Cornwall



Mr A.McQueen

Rowan 6th Form

English and Communication



Tutor Group

Head of Faculty Mrs E.Cliffe Sycamore 11

2nd in Head of Faculty

Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator

Mrs L. Edwards

Oak 11

Key Stage 5 Co-ordinator

Miss G.Rooney

Sycamore 7


Mr M. Deardon



Mr P.Clayton

Willow 6th Form


Mrs E.Wisby

Willow 8


Mrs M. Langthorne



Mr J. Mills



Miss P. Moran

Maple 11

KS3 Co-ordinator

Mrs D. Saeed

Ash 9


Mrs S. Wicks

Rowan 8

Humanities and Social Sciences



Tutor Group

Head of Faculty

Mrs D. Coote

Maple 9


2nd in Faculty


Mrs R.Rawbone


Willow 6th Form

Head of Geography

Mrs Z. Newbery

Rowan 8

Head of History

Miss H. McKnight

Beech 7

Head of Vocational Learning

Mrs H. Nicol

Cedar 6th Form

Head of Business and Economics

Mrs D.Elliott

Willow 10


Mr R. Barton

Oak 9


Ms D. Briden

Ash 6th Form


Mrs T. Brown



Mr N. Coote

Ash 7


Miss R. McFarlane

Beech 9


Miss P. Moran

Maple 11


Mr P. Palmer

Sycamore 10




Tutor Group

Head of Faculty

Mrs A.Wiseman

Willow 11


Mr M. Ayres



Miss G. Bagniuk

Cedar 9

Head of Physics

Mr B. Dickens

Rowan 9


Dr R. Goddard

Cedar 11


Mr G. Holvey

Ash 6th Form


Mrs S. Ireland

Ash 10


Miss M. McBean

Maple 6th Form

  Miss P.Rayner Cedar 7


Mr M. Slater



Mrs D. Turvey

Ash 9


Mr P. Williams



Miss L.Wyatt

Maple 11

Physical and Performing Arts



Tutor Group

2nd in Faculty and Head of PE

Mr A. Justice

Ash 11



Mr A.Bradshaw


Oak 8


Mrs F. Beaumont

Beech 8


Mrs R.Goodacre

Oak 8


Mr J. Marshall



Teacher of Drama


Mr A.Newman


Teacher of Music

Mr K. Plaskett

Willow 9

Head of Performing Arts

Mrs H. Ward

Oak 10


Mrs C. Wilcock


Art, Design, Technology and Vocational



Tutor Group

Head of Faculty

Mrs S. Aziz

Beech 6th Form

2nd in Faculty

Mrs C. Penny

Cedar 8

Head of Art

Mrs A. Bedford

Maple 7


Mr A. Howard

Rowan 7


Miss L. Osborne

Sycamore 8


Mrs A. Pryor



Miss L. Sandy

Sycamore 9


Mrs T. York


Modern Foreign Languages



Tutor Group

Head of Faculty

Mrs J. Beswick

Maple 10

Head of French

Mrs J. Harvey



Mrs N. Evans



Mrs N.Fernandez



Mr S.King



Mr A.Paton Rodriguez

Oak 9

Inclusion Team


Mr S.King- Assistant Head, Inclusion

Lead Safeguarding Lead

Mrs A. Pryor - Senior Inclusion Lead/SENCo

Mrs S. Hammond - Safeguarding Manager

Mrs J. Bavester –

Inclusion/Medical and Transition

 Co Ordinator

Mrs Jo Randall - ELSA

Miss Jess Leech – Nurture and Intervention Lead

Lynne Drinkwater – The Base Co-ordinator

Mrs. J Evans – LA

Mrs M. Gordon - LA

Mrs T. Lloyd-Ellis - LA

Mrs J.Rogers - Achievement Coach

Mrs C. Walton – LA

Mrs S. Robinson-Bailey Parent Support Advisor

Data, Exams and Cover Team


Mrs K. Jones

Mrs T. Wreford

Mrs L. Hancock

Mrs L Stenhouse

Mrs A. Burdett

Administrative Staff


Mrs D. Hilder HR and Administration Manager

Mrs. C Ball

Miss H. Bows

Mrs E. Brient

Mrs J. Ellerby

Mrs S. Farr

Miss J. Green

Mrs B.Lucas

Mrs H. Percival

Mrs D. Stewart

Mrs S. Watts

Finance Staff


Mrs S.Harrison

Mrs K.Clayton

Mrs E.Hale

Site Staff


Mr K. Varley Facilities Manager

Mr B. Hawkins

Mr E. Jones

Mr S. Mitchell

Miss M. Smart

IT Staff


Mr D. Cornwall Network Manager

Mr L. Platt

Mr T. Williams