Catch-Up Premium

Catch up Premium 2019/20

Campion School received £12,860 which we supplemented as a catch up funding stream to £14,099.

The school reviewed its plan of intervention during the months of September 2019 under new leadership by the Headteacher.
It was decided that the best way of making adequate support with reading and numeracy as well as literacy in general for those who hadn’t made the required progress at primary was to source a primary trained teacher to lead these sessions.

Therefore an advert was put out and a former Primary Headteacher was appointed in December 2019. This colleague began interventions with a targeted group of students in January 2021.

Resources purchased were :

Fresh start (322.85+254.95+521.25) £1099.05
Year 7 target books £183.94
Teacher salary costs £10,736.24
Sub total: £12, 018

Part funding of GL assessments for Year 7 students was also needed to secure adequate diagnostic testing of student starting points: £13,560 (we used £842 to part fund the Year 7 element but also topped this up with Pupil Premium funding)

The impact of the catch up programme was stopped by Covid-19 in March. Whilst remote learning work with the identified students continued, the planned work was put on hold and will resume once lockdown is over.

Mr S King
SLT Link for Year 7
Autumn term 2020