Catch-Up Premium

The literacy and numeracy catch-up premium gives schools additional funding to support year 7 students who arrived at Campion with a level significantly lower than the national average in English and/or maths.

We aim to:

  • Ensure students are supported by trained and confident staff;
  • Provide the best teaching and learning resources we can, to support numeracy and literacy
  • Ensure students feel well supported when they move into Year 7 at Campion.
  • The aim was to support these students in a variety of ways in order to improve their levels by the end of the academic year. This was successfully achieved through an intervention programme which included small group teaching and support along with 1:1 sessions by dedicated members of staff in each faculty.   In addition, increased Literacy and Numeracy curriculum time for students in the Developing Pathway.

The impact of these interventions was tracked and evaluated across the year.  Regular meetings of the Deputy Headteacher with KS3 Coordinators of Maths and English to discuss progress and impact.

The £13,093 funding was received via the local authority in March 2017 for the academic year 2016-2017.

Impact in English

In September 2016, fifteen students started the year below the national average in English. Through the intervention programme ten students finished the year reaching levels above their target grade and three finished the year at their target grades. Two students finished the year just one sublevel below their target grade.  Our programme of support included:

  • Employment of GAP year students to provide 1:1 literacy intervention sessions
  • Additional English lessons as well as cross curricular literacy lessons.
  • The Comprehension Reading Lab (SRA programme) to improve reading skills.

Impact in Maths

In September 2016, twenty students were identified for intervention and were monitored throughout the year.  Of these twenty students, fifteen met or surpassed their end of year target.  Our programme of support included:

  • Gap year employee working with small groups and 1:1 intervention for students working significantly below average.
  • Stage appropriate resources that enhance skills and promote problem solving, a package purchased from ‘School Improvement Solutions’.

Looking forward: The estimated Catch-up premium for the current academic year 2017-2018 is £11,664. Plans include:

  • The interventions and extra lessons will continue for those students who arrive at Campion with levels significantly below the national average. In English this means that any student scoring below 90 will be considered to be within the catch-up parameters.
  • The Maths department will also continue their catch up programme by providing intervention to pupils who have been identified as requiring additional support based on early assessments.
  • A whole school focus on the sharing and development of best practice to support the effective teaching of Literacy.  Literacy across the Curriculum Coordinator to support intervention, developing progressive ideas and a resource bank for whole school use. This is in line with our School Improvement Plan for 2017-18.

In order to monitor progress a rigorous tracking and monitoring process is in place. A further review of Year 7 Catch-Up will take place in July 2018 with interim reviews scheduled across the year.