House Information

Chestnut House

Chestnut House are led by Mrs Harvey with support from Mrs Cochrane.

Our House colour is yellow. Our House motto is “Going bonkers for conkers”

We live in the MFL area and we may be yellow, but we are not mellow!

Our previous achievements have included being consistently ahead in the Attendance League…

Aspen House

Led by Mr Mills with support from Mr Slater. Our house colour may be silver but we certainly aren’t second best. Within the house we engender a real family ethos where pupils from the range of year groups assist, support and care for each other. We are situated in the English faculty on the upper B block. Previous achievements consist of winning the Attendance Cup and winning the Reward Stamp Cup. Our House ethos reflects the school’s, in that everyone is encouraged to feel part of the team and to partake in a range of activities.

Mulberry House

Acting Head of House – Mark Lakey  with support from the Assistant Head of House – Steve Coates

Mulberry House is based on the Maths corridor and the form tutors are from the Maths and Computing department.

Mulberry House colour is Blue.

Students House Captain is Megan Smyth with Vice-captains Anabel O’Reilly and Lauren Carpenter.

Mulberry House have been Inter-house sports champions for the last two years.

Elder House

Elder the magical tree…  Our Head of House is Miss Gómez and she gets lots of help from  Miss Proud, our Assistant Head of House.

We are the lilac house and we are based in the Art department, so we have the most creative tutors.

We believe that the most important thing is not winning but taking part…

Pine House

Pine House is led by Mrs Wilks as Head of House with Miss Gipki as Assistant Head of House. We are based in the E block and our House colour is green. We invite any member of Pine to apply to be part of our Junior Leadership Team (JLT) and indeed our JLT is made up of students from Yr 7-13. They meet every Thursday week B and are an integral part of our leadership of the House, helping organise charity events and agree the ethos within our house.

Our House motto is ‘Be more awesome’ and we are especially proud of how many students step up to this challenge every day. In September every member of Pine complete a picture of themselves with a pledge on how they were going to be more awesome this year – this is on the wall in their classroom as a constant reminder to strive to be the best that they can be.  

Hawthorn House

Hawthorn House are led by Mrs Newbery  with support from Mrs Roberts.

Our House colour is red. Our House motto is “Look sharp, be sharp and think sharp.

We live in the new F-block and we may be red but do not dread.

Our previous achievements include winning the Campion bake off, coming second place for sports day and winning the House cup  for attendance in 2015 .