Your Child’s Assessments and Reports - what do they mean?


There have been significant changes to assessment in the last few years. We have reviewed our grading systems. We also wish to involve parents in supporting your children and for this to happen we need to ensure you understand the methods we use in school for assessing achievement and attainment. We also want you to know what to expect from us. As always, if you have questions, please contact us.


We usually report to parents 3 times per year. In Years 7-11 two of the reports will be a progress check, with the third report including written comments for parents and students. However, we are aware the numbers may seem strange and you may wonder where the targets come from.

Assessment Grades

At Campion we have decided to assess work throughout KS3 and KS4 using GCSE grade descriptors and so give grades that are GCSE equivalent. In many subjects these are worked out based on information from the exam boards and link to what competences a student has. These reflect that a student has demonstrated what they;

·         KNOW - this is both recall of information but also understanding of why something is the way it is or works in a particular way.

And the,

·         SKILLS - that students have developed.

GCSEs are now graded from 9-1 (with 9 being the highest), replacing the old A*-G grades. Therefore the higher the number, the better the standard of work. In order to show progress we subdivide grades when reporting to parents. So a student is given a 2a, 2b, 2c etc. This would indicate how “secure” the student is into that level based on competencies assigned to each level. An “a” would mean the student has mastery of that particular grade, a “b” would indicate the student has secured most of the competencies associated with the grade and a “c” would indicate the student is developing and starting to work at the grade.

We are aware some students may not be working at a grade 1 in Year 7 and in some cases Year 8. These students will be given a “W” which would indicate working towards Grade 1.

On the reports we will give a “Working at grade”. This will be based on the standard of work that the student is currently demonstrating, taking into account past achievement. It will not be based just on the most recent test.

In Years 10 and 11 we will give grades achieved in End of Year exams and Pre Public Exams (PPEs - formally called mock exams).

Target grades

Although achieving good grades is central to success, progress from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4 is important in ensuring every child does as well as they can. This is achievement. In addition we need to be able to track progress. At Campion we have used Fischer Family Trust (FFT) data, which is a Government recognised Charitable Trust to set targets for Key Stage 4. This is used by most schools in the country. It gives us a range of targets based on all school results across the country and works out what children with particular Key Stage 2 scores achieved in schools at the end of the relevant Key Stage. At Campion we use the figures for highest achieving schools for setting our targets. In other words, we set the highest targets, as we wish to see outstanding progress. This means there is aspiration built into the target.

We set targets for students in Year 7 for the end of Key Stage 4. Years 7, 8 and 9 are given Key Stage 4 targets, but will also have End of Year targets that will be shared with them. Targets are reviewed in every year up to Year 10 as the National database (FFT) is updated with the latest exam results.

On the report there is an End of Year target. This is calculated from the Key Stage 2 score through to the target in Key Stage 4. We are working on developing flight paths that we use to track if students are in line to reach their end of Key Stage 4 target grades. The graph below illustrates how this works for four different targets. This is relatively new and we are working on improving this system. Students will come in with lower starting points in some new subjects in Year 7. In addition the very highest grades may not be achieved until later in Year 11 and so the line of the graph would vary.


Currently we do not report the graphs but this is something we may move towards in the future. However the end of Year target is a staging point that allows you to see whether progress is in line with expectations.

If you have any questions please contact me.

Isobel Ashmead

Assistant Headteacher