• Headteacher with students

Headteacher’s Welcome

Care, Commit, Contribute

I am delighted to welcome you to our website. I hope that it will give you a clear idea of our values and the rich opportunities available for all who study and work here.

During 2017-18 we celebrated 50 years since the opening of Campion School in 1967 under the leadership of the first headteacher, Derek Roberts.  From the determined commitment of Mr Roberts to comprehensive education, Campion has evolved into a school community which retains at its heart the values upon which the school was founded - academic success for all, giving and receiving, and participation.

The Campion tree logo reflects the ethos of our school; from solid roots we seek to grow young people, equipped with the personal and academic skills needed to be successful as they branch out into adulthood.  Underpinning everything we do is our focus to ensure our students care for each other and their learning, commit to our school values and their studies and contribute to their learning, wider school life and to being an integral part of our school community. 

At Campion we want our students to grow as caring, confident, independent young people who value their education and are ambitious for their future.  Our success is based upon high expectations and outstanding support for all members of the school community.   We are determined to ensure that every student achieves their best.

We promote excellence and aim to develop a love of learning.  Our dedicated, enthusiastic and highly qualified staff work tirelessly to 'unlock' the talents of all our students.  Support and encouragement are provided at all times to help each student develop into a highly skilled, articulate young adult with the personal qualities and academic qualifications needed to succeed in higher education and employment.  We are therefore keen for our students to commit and take full advantage of the wide range of exciting activities which the school has to offer, making their own distinctive contribution both within the classroom and beyond.

We expect excellent attendance, punctuality, high standards of uniform and mutual respect for all members of the school community – care and concern for others is central to the work that we do.  Parents and carers are very important to us and we need and value their support too.

Please use this website to keep abreast of upcoming events and our latest news – as you do, you will discover even more about the opportunities available for those who study and work at Campion School.

The students, staff and Governors are proud of our school; we hope you will visit us and I look forward to meeting you in the near future.

Claire Whitmore