Admission information for September 2023

West Northamptonshire Admissions Team is responsible for Campion School’s admissions and all applications should be made through them. They also manage the school’s waiting list. Please be aware that the application process for Year 7 September 2023 will open and then close on 31st October 2022 at 5pm. If you wish to submit a late application, you are encouraged to apply online, and this should be done via the NCC website at This area also provides a link to the Information Booklet giving details of:

·         How to apply online

·         A list of secondary schools by local area

·         How to complete a preference form

·         The published admission number (PAN) for each school

·         Each schools’ oversubscription criteria

·         Information as to whether individual schools were previously oversubscribed

·         Key dates for the application and allocation process

·         Information relating to children with special educational needs

·         Home-to-school transport information

·         Where to access further information

·         Details regarding late applications

·         Contact details for the Admission Team

In Year Applications

If you wish to submit an In Year application, please apply online at  You will also find supporting information and advice to help you with your application.

Sixth Form Applications

Sixth Form applications should be made directly to the school. You will find details of this process in the sixth form admissions section. Please contact Mrs Elliott, Head of Sixth Form, for advice.

Who to contact at Campion School for advice:

If you would like to discuss an application to Campion School or arrange for a tour of the school, please contact