As part of the Reward/Housepoint system, monthly league tables are compiled.  Running totals are kept of students' positive House points on Progresso.  There is a winning house and a winning form from each house identified in our newsletters. 

Students who go above and beyond are now nominated by staff to be a “Campion Champion”. Students get a certificate and their name in the newsletter and this contributes to our ethos of “care, commit and contribute”.

Student and Form of the Month

Individual students and whole forms can be nominated for ‘Student of the Month’ and ‘Form of the Month’.  Staff make their nominations for a variety of reasons.  All nominees names are put in a draw and one student wins a prize, the nominees are awarded an extra five housepoints.  For ‘Forms of the Month’ the whole form are awarded an extra housepoint and the winning form receive extra points and a certificate for the form notice board.

League tables, student of the month and form of the month results are posted on the Virtual Learning Area (Moodle) in the student area, Learning Centre folder.