School Uniform

School Uniform

All orders for uniform are from Sportswear International Ltd (SWI), and ParentPay for residual items (PE polo shirts and house badges).

Sportswear International Ltd (SWI) is the main supplier of Campion School uniform. You can order uniform direct from them 24hr hours a day using their various ordering options (please see below their order form for further information). Please note as the school is closed over the summer break there will only be the ‘delivery to home’ option available, until our return to school on the 5th of September when the offer to collect from school will be made available once again.

Currently our PE polo shirts are supplied from a different company and therefore are only available for ordering via ParentPay and supplied through the school along with the house badges.

The following items will also be available to order and pay via ParentPay to collect.

Blazer (previous style): the new style blazer (for Year 7’s) can be ordered via Sportswear International Limited, however we have a limited stock of the previous style blazers which continues to be approved uniform for all Year 8’s and above.

Black Jumpers: limited stocks of black jumpers are still available for Year 10’s and 11’s (please note these students are also able to wear the green jumpers from SWI).

Ties: in addition to the SWI website, we also hold a stock of these for students.

Please note the school will be closed over the summer break. As all ordering is now on-line, we are no longer able to offer the facility of supplying uniform during the summer break.

If you have any queries relating to the ordering of uniform within school please contact the Finance Office during term time on 01604 833903 or email Mrs. Harrison