Welcome from the Sixth Form Student Leadership Team

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Campion Sixth Form post-16 students are role models to the rest of the school and are encouraged to support the school where possible. This involves all post-16 students peer mentoring students in lower years.

Post-16 students are given the opportunity to apply for various student leadership roles at the start of Year 12 during their induction to post-16. Our tutors also work closely with their tutees to establish work-experience opportunities to fit alongside students’ academic studies. Some students may elect to volunteer in hospitals or primary schools as they may be choosing that area for their career progression. These opportunities not only support the community of the school but also enable them to develop their interpersonal skills, organisation and assists with their applications for jobs, apprenticeships and UCAS.

As Head Students, we strive to act as role models to all throughout the school. Our position includes enforcing new initiatives, liaising between students and staff, and helping to create a cohesive, welcoming environment within the Sixth Form. We work closely with the Student Leadership Team including the Deputy Head Students and those in advocate roles to further improve our already ‘Good’ Sixth Form. Each Head and Deputy Head student is linked to a specific year group (7-13), enabling integration across the school through a close working environment.

Campion’s engaging lessons allow students to maximise their motivation and attainment in all subjects, with specialist teachers exerting excellent teaching standards, stimulating academic success within students. Students receive support from teachers regarding further education and careers advice and guidance; our experienced and competent form tutors advise and assist students when applying for university, apprenticeships, or preparing them for the world of work.

Our overall aim is to inspire others to become members of the Sixth Form, presenting its desirability, and to inspire leadership throughout the school.