Learning Centre

The Learning Centre at Campion is the central hub of learning in the school, providing approximately 12,000 books, 24 computers including two power PCs for use with CDs, memory sticks and SD card readers, they also have scanner facilities.  There are also 30 laptops that staff can book for use in their classrooms.  Photocopying services are also available.

The Learning Centre was refurbished in 2010 after four Year 8s won a competition to re-model the centre.  It now has a modern colour scheme, a useful amphitheatre with a data projector for presentations and comfortable seating areas.

A bookshop provides pens, pencils, notepads, folders and other stationary items as well as revision guides and books.  A termly book club magazine is sent out to students, commission buys new books for the library.

We hold a book fair every year around world book day.  All students receive a World Book Day voucher to spend at the book fair, with the book club magazine or at any book shop.

We have a very well attended Chess Club, students play against each other and can enter local competitions.

We also have a film club, the films are provided by Lovefilm.  Students have a logon to the film club website where they can write reviews and win competitions.

Campion also has a very successful Warhammer Club based in the Learning Centre.

In the spring we ‘Shadow Carnegie’, that is a reading club that reads all the books that have been shorted listed for the Carnegie Medal.  We have weekly debates in school to discuss our favourite book and the day before the official result we meet with other local schools for a debate and vote on our favourite.

More details about the Learning Centre and its activities are available on the schools Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle), in the student area.