Learning Centre

The Learning Resources Centre at Campion is the central hub of learning in the school, providing a comprehensive collection of fiction and non-fiction books. There are also a total of 24 computers and 6 laptops including two power PC’s for use with CD’s, memory sticks and SD card readers. These PC’s also have scanner facilities.

The Learning Resources Centre is a welcoming environment with a bright colour scheme and houses an amphitheatre with a data projector for presentations together with a seating area. There is comfortable seating and tables with chairs to allow students to read and study. A television screen shows 24 hour news and a variety of magazines are available which are updated on a monthly basis.

The Bookshop provides stationary such as pens, calculators, maths equipment and notepads. The shop is open every break and lunchtime.

At lunchtimes the Centre is home to several clubs. On a Tuesday and Thursday there is a Chess Club and on a Friday Film Club takes place in the amphitheatre. Both clubs are open to all year groups.

A team of voluntary Student Librarians assist in the running of the Learning Resources Centre and provide a valuable contribution.

Our Careers Advisor is based in the Learning Resources Centre on a Monday and Tuesday within the Careers Section. This is a well-stocked area with easy to access careers information. Interviews are by appointment and there is also a drop in service during lunchtime. In addition Year 10 students are able to discuss their work experience with the Work Experience Co-Ordinator.

Reprographics is also based within the Learning Resources Centre providing publishing, printing and laminating facilities for staff and students.