Year 11 Centre Assessed Examinations (Mocks

Dear Parents

Please see below a summary of the topics and key revision topics for the forthcoming Centre Assessed Examinations (Mocks) beginning on Monday 11th October. Please guide your child towards these topics.

Many thanks

Mr Mills
Senior Achievement and Intervention Lead for KS4


Y11 Centre Assessed Examination Topics – October 2021

Y11 Centre Assessed Examination Topics – October 2021


Topics to revise

English Language



Paper 1 – Section A (reading – one 20th century fiction source), Section B (narrative or descriptive writing)


Paper 2 – Section A (reading – two non-fiction sources, one modern and one pre-20th century), Section B (writing from a viewpoint e.g. writing to persuade, argue, inform, explain. Make sure you are familiar with the format of letters and articles)



English Literature


Power and Conflict Poetry Exam- need to analyse one poem from the collection and compare with another poem. Should look to know 3-4 quotes off by heart for the poems and also know the poet’s purpose and influences. Poetic devices will also help




Students will be completing 3 AQA maths GCSE papers. This will cover all content they have seen throughout their time at Campion.


Paper 1 – Non-calculator

Paper 2 & 3 – Calculator




Biology: combined (CB) and triple (SB)

CB1/SB1 – key concepts, CB2/SB2 – growth and genetics

CB3/SB3 – the nervous system, CB4/SB4 – evolution and selective breeding, CB5/SB5 – health and disease


Chemistry: combined (CC) and triple (SC)

CC1-2/SC1-2 – separating techniques, CC3-4/SC3-4 – electronic structure, CC5-7/SC5-7 – bonding, CC8/SC8 – acids and alkalis

CC9-12/SC9-13 – ores, electrolysis, extracting metals and equilibria, SC14-15 -Fuels and fertiliser


Physics: Combined (CP) and triple (SP)

CP1/SP1- distance/velocity time graphs and acceleration

CP2/SP2 – motion and forces, CP3/SP3 – conservation of energy

CP4-5/SP4-5 – waves and the EM spectrum, CP6/SP6 – radiation, SP7 - space


Religious Studies




Christian Beliefs, Muslim Practices, Theme B Religion and Life and Theme D Religion, Peace and Conflict.


Revision has been set as homework by class teachers on google classroom and includes the use of knowledge organisers.




History – Germany 1918-39 and Medicine 1250-Present



  • The Nazi State – Women, Ethnic Minorities and Culture
  • Terror and Propaganda: The Police State, Opposition, Propaganda and the Church


  • Diseases – Black Death, Great Plague and Cholera
  • Treatment over time
  • Factors of change




Geography revision list Natural Hazards  - hurricanes and plate tectonics; Natural and man made climate change ;Mega cities  - quality of life and sustainability in mega cities; Glaciation and UK landforms; Weathering and erosion; River features and processes and UK city case study sustainability / regeneration .


Use your case study cards you made last year – look at your google classroom where teachers are sharing ppt revision resources and knowledge organisers.





  • Students in French, German and Spanish will be having all 4 exams.
  • The speaking exam will be w/c 4th October
  • The other exams will be listening, reading and writing and will cover all topics from all 3 themes
  • Question headers and details of the exam will be in google classroom.




Food Preparation and Nutrition- Reasons why we choose & cook food, nutritional information on food labels, dietary causes of Diabetes, effects of cooking methods on potatoes, function of vitamins & minerals in the diet.  Know about fortified food, denaturation of protein and enzymic browning.


ENGINEERING : All topics will be covered  as your final exam is in November 2021


DT: Topics to be assessed : section A core technical principles: general knowledge of all the areas studied through the course  & section C Designing & making principles: manufacturing methods & techniques / key principles of designing products such as designing to a specification & analysing/ evaluating design ideas – students need to bring a calculator to the exam as well as rulers& pencils .


Film Studies



Component 2 only. There will be stepped questions on 3 films: Skyfall (focus on aesthetics), Slumdog (focus on narrative/setting/themes) and Let the Right One In (focus on representation of characters). 1 hr 30 mins.

Make sure you know two key sequences from each film really well. Revise the key elements of film form: mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing and sound.




There will be two assessments. Component 2 and what we have covered so far of component 1. Component 2 includes; Health, fitness and wellbeing; Sports psychology; socio-cultural influences; use of data. Component 1 will cover; Physical training; Applied anatomy and physiology (Bones and muscles); use of data.




4,6,9,12,14 mark questions for An Inspector Calls. This is all of Section A.

Extract will be unseen and provided as in the real exam.


Elements of music and their meanings

The 8 set works (can be found in revision support on Google Classroom)

How to compare two pieces of music using PEE (Point, Evidence, Evaluate.) for Q9.

Health and Social Care



 1. Rights and values and how these are applied in HSC.

2. Personal hygiene, safety and security and how these are applied

3. First aid procedure- Students will be prepared for the First Aid procedure task & will have some supportive information provided to assist them in completing this task prior to the CAE

Business Studies


  • 1 x 12 marker
  • 2 x 9 marker
  • 3 x 6 marker
  • All others are MCQ, 1, 2 and 3 marker questions


  • Section A  is generic – no context needed
  • Section B & C needs context i.e. use the case study throughout your answers and your own knowledge of business


  • Marketing mix, Sources of finance, Break even, Exchange rates, Business Plan, Business and Technology and Competition




Paper 1: Education and Families with research methods.


Students need to revise all key terms from education and families including sociological theories, and stratification (gender, social class and ethnicity). They also need to revise the different research methods including the advantages and limitations of these methods

Computer Science

Students will be sitting an exam that will be part of the theory side of their course. They should focus their revision on following key areas:

  • Systems Architecture
  • Wired and Wireless networks Network Topologies,
  • Protocols and Layers
  • Systems Security

Sports Science

Topics LO1/L02 on the word document in GC. Top tip know how to describe each area using sporting examples be able to link everything to a sporting examples. Use the exam questions on the google classroom check your answers using mark schemes.