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Transport arrangements to and from School from September 2020

Dear Parents/Carers


Re: Transport Arrangements


In this letter I would like to outline our approach for travel to and from school and the return of all students to full time education from the start of the academic year.


Active Travel

As part of the response to COVID-19, Northamptonshire County Council are looking at ways to develop and promote active travel across the county. For our September re-opening we would like to encourage as many Campion students as possible to walk or cycle to the school, whilst recognising that our location is not easily accessible. Campion School will find secure areas for students to store their bike with a lock provided by parents/carers. If you chose to take either of these options, please ensure road safety and cycling proficiency standards are met.


Dedicated School Transport Services

Social distancing is still a very important aspect of the Government guidance; however, it does recognise that applying this on school transport from September would be extremely limiting and would not be feasible. The guidance acknowledges that pupils who travel on dedicated school services, which do not include the general public, will not need to be subject to the same social distancing criteria that applies on public transport services. The main principles and objectives for Northampton County Council transport arrangements are summarised below:

•     Transport will be planned on the basis that each Year Group will establish their own social pod on each service

•     No social distancing measures will be applied on transport within each Year Group social pod, however each bubble will be separated by 2 metres and where this is not possible an absolute minimum will be 1 metre

•     Face coverings will be compulsory for all students (scarf/face mask or similar) whilst travelling on the dedicated transport. Parents and Carers must provide their children with a suitable face covering.

•     Allocated seating for each Year Group pod will be clearly displayed on the vehicle and monitored by the driver.

     •     Students should ensure they use hand gel on entry and exit from the bus

By applying and adhering to these measures Northampton County Council will be able to greatly increase the capacity on each service to a maximum of 80% of seats being available. Where capacity for all students on one bus cannot be achieved Northampton County Council will ensure double runs or additional services are provided. We have been told that Northamptonshire County Council will inform parents/carers from 24th August with confirmation of this.

D3 Public bus

We are aware that several students who live in the Daventry and Northampton area will require use of the D3 service to get to/from school. If you choose to send your child on this service, please ensure that they wear a suitable face covering as above. Please note that this is a Stagecoach service and their regulations and guidance is not subject to any school influence.

Parent drop off

We will allow parents/carers to drop students off to school between 0800 and 0845. Parents/carers will only be allowed to collect from 1520 onwards. Please note that there may be increased traffic flow at peak times.

Walking to/from school

Students will still be able to walk to and from school but the side entrance gate to Bugbrooke will be closed due to the need for increased supervision at the front of the school, therefore all students must walk to the front pedestrian gate.

In order that we can plan for bus capacity and car drop off, we would ask that you please complete the Google form questionnaire which can be found below: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1K2rNG660_EsneryFlelQ4KUYHq8yfkeHSCv1EBX7hpU/edit

We look forward to welcoming all our students back in September. Yours sincerely


Mr S King

Assistant Headteacher

SLT lead for Transport