Governing Body

Campion School’s Governing Body governs rather than manages the school. It is there to give direction and focus by being a critical friend to the School and the Senior Leadership Team.

Governors are responsible for working with the Headteacher to think strategically about how to raise standards of achievement for all students at the school, for setting the budget and overseeing the curriculum. 

There are three categories of Governors: 

  • Community Governors
  • Parent Governors
  • Staff Governors
  Governor Type Name & Length of Term
Claire Whitmore Head

Mrs Claire Whitmore (Trustee & Member)

01/01/2014 - 

Debbie Clewes Parent

Ms Debbie Clewes (Trustee)

12/12/2015 – 11/12/2019

Mark Foster Parent

Mr Mark Foster, Vice Chair of Governors (Trustee & Member)

12/12/2015 – 11/12/2019

Simon Potts Parent

Mr Simon Potts (Trustee)

12/12/2015 – 11/12/2019

Diana McAfee Parent

Mrs Diana McAfee (Trustee & Member)

01/06/2013 – Currently Under Review

ReaGipki Staff

Miss Rea Gipki (Trustee)

01/01/2018 – 01/01/2022

JC Parent Governor

Mrs Jeni Cheang

04/03/2018 - 04/03/2022

Liz Waddingham Community

Liz Waddingham 

28/6/2018 – 28/6/2022

Pamala Hutchison Community 

Pamela Hutchison, Chair of Governors

28/6/2018 – 28/6/2022


Simone Davies Parent

Simone Davies 

28/6/2018 – 28/6/2022


Jacquetta Manning Parent

Jacqui Manning 

28/6/2018 – 28/6/2022


There are 4 Full Governing Body meetings per school year.

The Governors are also members of one or more of the following Sub-Committees:

·       Assets and Personnel Committee

·       Curriculum and Standards Committee

The normal term of office for school governors is four years. However, governors are volunteers who can leave at any time and can similarly be re-appointed or re-elected.

If you have any questions for, or wish to contact any of the governors, please email the Clerk to the Governors -

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