Intervention & ACE

Starting this year, school is running a new programme of sessions designed to support children in years 7, 8 and 9 who require additional support in English and/or Maths. The programme is called ACE and focuses on Achievement, Character and Excellence. Through a variety of English and Maths activities in Years 7 and 8, we encourage the children to focus on achieving the best they can in each session, developing confidence and resilience and excelling at the tasks set. The English tasks range from reading, writing, speaking and listening with some drama added in too.  The maths focuses on key skills, such as number, money, telling the time and also encourages the children to investigate problems and explain/justify their thinking.   The ACE lessons have been designed to complement the topics being taught in the maths and English course at the same time and take place during the timetabled periods for Modern Foreign Languages.

In addition to ACE withdrawal from MFL, there are also the additional support groups in maths and English which are targeted intervention groups (assessed on the topic being covered) during the timetabled maths and English lessons.

The students in both ACE and the intervention classes are continually monitored and if able, can rejoin the MFL carousel or maths and English classes as and when appropriate. 

In Year 9, ACE groups study to achieve a Functional Skills English qualification.

The qualification gives learners the opportunity to:

● demonstrate the ability at an appropriate level to read, write, speak, listen and communicate in English

● apply this knowledge and these skills in familiar situations.

● listen, understand and respond to verbal communication in a range of familiar contexts

● read with accuracy straightforward texts encountered in everyday life and work, and develop confidence to read more widely

● write straightforward texts and documents with clarity and effectiveness, and demonstrate a sound grasp of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Year 9 ACE groups have a reduced MFL timetable to allow for these lessons. 

Mrs Angela Pryor, our Senior Inclusion Lead and SENDCo, teaches Year 9 ACE.

Mrs Melanie Whitlock coordinates Year 7 & 8 ACE.


Mrs Jane Beswick is the Head of MFL