Bus Route


    July 2021 

Dear Parents/Carers,
We are continuing to offer a bus service to all students living in the Duston and Hunsbury area for the school year September 2021- July 2022. 
In order to keep the prices to a minimum and to include all students we have needed to change the bus route and times slightly. These new routes and timetables are attached, please be extremely careful to choose the correct bus as we have incorporated some of the Duston route with the Hunsbury route. The buses will be labelled so please ensure your child knows which bus to get on.
BUS 1 – Duston route
BUS 2 – Hunsbury route with added Crispins & Kent Road, Duston.
We are offering various payment options:- 
Payment in full for the year – payable in advance via ParentPay. This will secure your place for the year.
Payment termly – payable in advance via ParentPay. A letter will be sent each term and this will be on a first come first served basis.
Payment monthly by Bank transfer or Standing Order – to secure your place each term an initial deposit is required by ParentPay. This will then be followed by 8 equal instalments by bank transfer or standing order. All payments for each term must be paid in full in order for a space to be issued the following term. 
Please note that all bus passes, once paid for, are NON REFUNDABLE.
We appreciate this letter is later than usual but we require your payment no later than
Tuesday 20th July. Places are allocated on a first come first serve basis so I strongly advise that you book your place as soon as possible.  
All students require a bus pass in order to travel - These will be delivered to your child by 10th September, until this time students can still travel however a payment must have been received.
If you would ParentPay login details please contact the Finance office on 01604 833903 or email k.clayton@campion.northants.sch.uk.
Yours faithfully,
Suzanne Harrison

Finance Office.