Business Studies

Edexcel GCSE and A-Level Business

What is Business?

Have you ever thought about what you buy from the shops? How did it get there? Why do they charge that price? How was it made? The journey from idea to the end consumer is fascinating. Perhaps you are interested in how you could be treated as an employee, or perhaps the psychology behind promotion? These are all areas that are investigated as part of this course. Business allows you to understand a core element of our society, whatever you end up doing; it is likely you will be involved in a business!

Qualification: Edexcel GCSE Business

Theme 1: Investigating Small Businesses

·         Enterprise and entrepreneurship

·         Spotting a business opportunity

·         Putting a business idea into practice

·         Making the business effective

·         Understanding external influences on business

Written examination: 90 minutes (50% of the qualification)

Theme 2: Building a Business

·         Growing the business

·         Making marketing decisions

·         Making product decisions

·         Making financial decisions

·         Making human resource decisions

Written examination: 90 minutes (50% of the qualification)

Both papers include a mixture of multiple-choice, short answer and extended writing questions.


Qualification: Edexcel A-Level Business

Year 1:

Theme 1: Marketing and people

·         Meeting customer needs

·         The market

·         Marketing mix and strategy

·         Managing people

·         Entrepreneurs and leaders

Theme 2: Managing business activities

·         Raising finance

·         Financial planning

·         Managing finance

·         Resource management

·         External influences




Year 2:

Theme 3: Business decisions and strategy

·         Business objectives and strategy

·         Business growth

·         Decision-making techniques

·         Influences on business decisions

·         Assessing competitiveness

·         Managing change

Theme 4: Global business

·         Globalisation

·         Global markets and business expansion

·         Global marketing

·         Global industries and companies




Exam Structure:

Paper 1 - written paper – 2 hours (35)

Paper 2 - written paper – 2 hours (35%)

Paper 3 - written paper (pre-release case study) – 2 hours (30%)


For further information please contact Kate Costa