Business Studies

What you’ll learn:

3 year option - This course provides a fantastic opportunity for students to work as teams to complete a real Enterprise Project, where students can learn and apply Enterprise Skills.  These skills also directly relate to the theory that students will then go on to learn for their GCSE assessment, giving them a much deeper understanding.

2 year option – Diving straight into the theory required to succeed in the GCSE assessments at the end of Year 11, this course allows students to develop a clear understanding of what makes a business tick.


Unit 1: Multiple Choice Exam Paper – 25%

Unit 2: Controlled Assessment – 25%

Unit 3: Exam Paper – 50%

Topic Overview:

·         Businesses

·         Understanding Customer Needs

·         Market Mapping

·         Competition

·         Added Value

·         Franchising

·         Enterprise

·         Thinking Creatively

·         Entrepreneurs

·         Invention and Innovation

·         Taking Risks

·         Other Enterprise Skills

·         Objectives when Starting Up

·         Revenues, Costs and Profits

·         Forecasting Cash Flows

·         The Business Plan

·         Obtaining Finance

·         Customer Focus

·         The Marketing Mix

·         Limited Liability

·         Start-up Legal and Tax Issues

·         Customer Satisfaction

·         Recruiting, Training and Motivating

·         Market Demand and Supply

·         Interest Rates

·         Exchange Rates

·         The Business Cycle

·         Stakeholders

·         Marketing

·         Market Research

·         Product Trial and Repeat Purchase

·         Product Life Cycle

·         Branding and Differentiation

·         Marketing Mix

·         Design and Research Development

·         Managing Stock

·         Managing Quality

·         Cost-Effective Operations and Competitiveness

·         Effective Customer Service

·         Consumer Protection Laws

·         Improving Cash Flow

·         Improving Profit

·         Break-Even Charts and Analysis

·         Financing Growth

·         Organisation Structure

·         Motivation Theory

·         Communication

·         Remuneration

·         Ethics in Business

·         Environmental Issues

·         Economic issues affecting international trade

·         Government and the EU


Year 9 Option Business Enterprise


Autumn Term:

·         Enterprise theory and skills

·         Enterprise Project: Make Your Mark with a Tenner

Spring Term:

·         Complete and evaluate Enterprise Project

·         Begin Unit 1 GCSE Exam Theory

Summer Term:

·         Continue Unit 1 GCSE Exam theory

Year 10 GCSE Business Studies



September to Easter – Unit 1 GCSE Exam Theory


Easter to May Half Term– Controlled Assessment project, including research into a small business with which student has contact.


May Half Term to Summer

3-year option: Begin Unit 3 GCSE Exam Theory

2-year option: Complete Unit 1 GCSE Exam Theory

Year 11 GCSE

Business Studies


Unit 3 Exam Theory and exam preparation