Anti Bullying

Campion School has a ‘zero tolerance’ approach with regard to bullying. 

We are constantly working with the student body in school through our CASE programme, our Tutor Time activities, Assemblies, SEAL, and of course Student Voice. We have recently been commended on our Anti Bullying Policy and have been asked if it can be used as an example of good practice across the county. We have also been awarded the Northamptonshire Anti-Bullying Accreditation up to Gold level, prompting the comment from Jo Wood,  the Anti-Bullying Project Manager CYPP.

“Your evidence was excellent and in particular evidence to illustrate the involvement of young people.” 

We are striving to improve our support further, having acheived Gold; the only secondary school in the county to do so.

However, we want to ensure that as well as having secure and robust policies in school, we also have clear communication channels with which to review our strategies with parents and outside agencies. 

To this end we have placed our Campion ABC (Anti Bullying Code) on the school website and would welcome any comments from parents as to how we could improve any aspect of this. We are, of course, completely dependent on the students informing us of any incidents that they may have witnessed or overheard. 

Please could you stress to your children that they must let someone in school know if they feel that the behaviour is unacceptable. The students know that they can do this in complete confidence, in a number of ways and to any member of teaching or support staff. 

If you feel that you need to contact the school regarding any bullying issues, please contact your child’s Form Tutor. 

By working together we can make a difference across the community.

Internet Abuse

Students need to be aware that if they are involved, or are tempted to be involved in any internet abuse regarding students or staff of the school, the police will be involved.

This is the case whether the abuse is logged at school or from home.

Any abuse of this nature can be traced and will be punished