Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance and Punctuality

The Government has published new guidance on managing attendance and punctuality (May 2022)

As part of this, the school is currently reviewing its policy and guidance to ensure we are working hard to ensure the best attendance and timekeeping of all of our students.

Our policy will be reviewed in due course and an updated policy shared with parents in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, I would like to remind parents that our current attendance policy can be found at:

Regarding punctuality, the policy clearly states that students must be on site by 0840. This is at the latest. Therefore we will be continuing to enforce punctuality and anyone arriving after 0840 without a valid reason will be subject to late detentions and follow up.


We expect students to be at school by 0835 to ensure prompt line arrival for morning line up.


Buses are scheduled to arrive by the start of the day.


Therefore to clarify, expectations are as below:

0835=Expected arrival time

0840= Students must be on site by this time to avoid late penalties

1505 is the end of school.

Further updates will come out through the attendance policy review.

Thank you

Mr King