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Campion’s all new Careers Platform – Unifrog

Over the course of this week all students in Y10 have been given access to our new online Careers platform, Unifrog. Over the remainder of this year and throughout Year 11 students will be able to access their account and receive tailored advice which will help support next steps. Over the coming week we would like students to begin interacting with this platform. Students have received a welcome email from Unifrog and have been given time during form activities to login to their account. Can I please ask that you check with your child this weekend that they have accessed their account? I have also provided a short introductory homework which will allow them to develop their Unifrog profile. This has been set via Show My Homework. It is expected that all Year 10 students have completed these tasks by Friday 7th May.

Please support us in ensuring that our Year 10 students receive the support they need as they begin to think about their next steps.

Best regards

Mr McGeown

Assistant Head KS4.