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Mental Health Support

Chat Health - CAMHS Live www.nhft.nhs.uk/camhslive

CAMHS Crisis Team:

08.30 – 22.00 7 days per week 0300 1111 022 (Option 1)

22.00-08.30 7 days per week 0300 330 1011

Where a young person may be in crisis it is possible to contact the cafés below.

Young people’s Crisis Café - Café Track Monday 4-8pm and Youth Works Thursday 4-8pm. Further information about this and counselling services is available through:

The Reach Collaborative – 3rd Sector Youth Counselling Services: http://reachyouthcounselling.org.uk/Welcome.html

The Lowdown have also just launched an online emotional support helpline at: https://www.tidio.com/talk/wellbeingsupport