Statement of Intent

“Helping out students demonstrate character by developing real world, enterprising, higher education and employability skills for tomorrow's leaders…. we support our students to achieve their full potential by equipping them with the essential knowledge needed to explore social, moral, spiritual and cultural aspects through their learning…. therefore, enabling them to excel.”

Business and Economics contributes to the education offered at Campion School by giving our students the opportunity to develop their skills and explore a wider learning context. We learn about businesses from a variety of stakeholder perspectives, allowing our students to make well informed decisions, whether they hope to become an employee, a small business owner, a corporate executive or a Government official. We ensure our teaching allows us to create brilliant futures. We equip our students with essential knowledge about the profit motive, the functions of business, the wider business environment and the UK macro and micro economies as well as the World Economies.  

Implementation- Curriculum map

Key Stage 4 Year 9, 10 and 11 Curriculum Map – Business and Economics


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Themes that will be covered                           Component 2: Planning
for and Pitching an
Enterprise Activity                                                   Learning Aim A: Explore
ideas and plan for a
micro-enterprise activity                        

Themes that will be covered                           Component 2: Planning
for and Pitching an
Enterprise Activity                                                  Learning Aim B: Pitch a micro-enterprise activity                                          

Themes that will be covered                           Component 2: Planning
for and Pitching an
Enterprise Activity                                      Learning Aim C: Review own pitch for a microenterprise activity


Themes that will be  covered                            Component 1: Exploring
Enterprises                                                             Learning Aim A: Examine the
characteristics of enterprises                             Learning Aim B: Explore how
market research helps enterprises meet customer needs and understand competitor behaviour
Component 3: Promotion and
Finance for Business                                              Learning Aim A: Promotion                                Learning Aim B: Financial Records                      

Themes that will be covered                             Component 1: Exploring Enterprises                                                      Learning Aim C: Investigate
the factors that contribute to
the success of an enterprise                                  Component 3: Promotion and Finance for Business                                                                               Learning Aim C: Financial Planning and Forecasting

Themes that will be covered    Component 3: Promotion and Finance
for Business                                                       Learning Aim A-C Revision

Year 10

GCSE 9-1

Themes that will be  covered           Business enterprise
Competition                                                   Target market
Market research                                                                                                Legal structures for small businesses                                                                                         Location
Factors of location – investigate impact of

Themes that will be covered                           Aims and objectives of small businesses         Revenue, cost and profit                                         Breakeven analysis                                                    Cash flow                                                                       Sources of finance                                                      Marketing mix
Business planning
Types of planning, examples of planning        Stakeholders  

Themes that will be covered                     Technology and Business                             Employment and the Law                            Consumer Law                                                  Unemployment and Government Taxes                                                                     Inflation and Consumer Income                         Interest Rates                                                    Exchange Rates                  

Year 11

GCSE 9-1

Themes that will be covered                       Growing as a business – mergers and takeovers.
Business examples and types
Growing as a business –
MBO and MBI and look at impact of ecommerce                                            Influences on Business
Looking at e‐commerce and ethics                  Changes in Business Aims and Objectives           Globalisation                                                              Ethics and Environmental Influences            The Marketing Mix and the Design Mix                                                

Themes that will be  covered                                Methods of Production                                            Managing stock                                                           Working with Suppliers                                          Quality control/Procurement                                                            The Sales Process                                                       Business and Financial Calculations                           Business data and performance           Organisational Structures                             Communication in Businesses                    Recruitment and Selection                          Training and Development                             Motivation                

Themes that will be covered                     Exam Prep

Year 12 CTEC L3 Business

Themes that will be covered                            Unit 1 - The Business Environment                                                                       LO1 – LO6
Unit 4 - Customers and Communication      LO1 – LO3

Themes that will be covered                             Unit 1 - The Business Environment                 LO7 & LO8
Unit 4 - Customers and Communication LO4 & LO5 

Themes that will be covered                      Exam Prep and CW moderation

Year 12 Edexcel Economics A

Themes that will be covered                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Economic methodology and the economic problem 
Theme 1 Microeconomics
Theme 2 Macroeconomics                                                                     

Themes that will be covered                                                                                                                           
Economic methodology and the economic problem
Theme 3 Microeconomics
Theme 4 Macroeconomics                                                               

Themes that will be covered                                                                                                                           Economic methodology and the economic problem (Micro) Completion of Theme 1 Microeconomics
Completion of Theme 2 Macroeconomics 

Year 13 Edexcel Economics A

Themes that will be covered                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Completion of Theme 3 Microeconomics
Start and completion of Theme 4 Macroeconomics                                                      

Themes that will be covered                                                                                                                            Themes that will be covered                                                                                                                            Revision for A Level Exam that all
cohort will take. (synoptic)

Themes that will be covered Summer Exams prep

Year 13 BTEC L3 Business

Themes that will be  covered                               Unit 2 Developing a marketing campaign        The role of marketing                                           Influences on marketing activity                        Market research, purpose, methods and use                                                                              Developing a rationale                                        Marketing campaign activity                              Marketing mix                         

Themes that will be covered                                 Unit 14 Investigating Customer Service             Approaches to customer service delivery        Expectations and satisfaction of customers Current legislation and regulations                     Communication and interpersonal skills appropriate to meet customer needs in different situations                                                                              

Themes that will be covered                   Completion of course



The Department offers the following courses for students in Years 9, 10 and 11:

 BTEC Technical in Enterprise (equivalent of 1 GCSE)

GCSE Business -Edexcel

Cambridge Technicals- Extended Certificate in Business (equivalent of 1 A Level)

A Level Economics- Edexcel

Young Enterprise- Run as an Enrichment activity for Year 10 students

Provides a unique opportunity for our students to set up a company owned by shareholders, produce and sell a product and generate a profit. As part of Young Enterprise, our companies will receive advice and guidance from local business people which will provide students with an opportunity to develop their enterprise and employability skills.

Young Enterprise students will attend regular meetings with their ‘Business Advisors’, attend training conferences, take part in local and national competitions and sell their products at Trade Fairs such as Milton Keynes, Northampton, Corby and Bedford.

Our Business and Economics Curriculum provides a solid foundation for further studies and students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and achievement, taking account of the industry standards for behaviour and performance. It also develops our students with the skills, qualities, attitudes, knowledge and understanding which are valued by both employers and further education and also equip them for the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities of adult and working life.

Head of Department- Danielle Elliott