Partial Closure due to Coronavirus

RE: Partial Closure due to Coronavirus

I am writing to inform you that unfortunately I have had to take the decision to partially close the school from

Tuesday 24th November. I am really sorry to have to do this but due to the impact of Covid-19 on student facing colleagues, with a number of staff having to self-isolate due to Track and Trace, we cannot now staff all the lessons at school if all year groups continue to attend.  After careful review and consideration the decision has been made to close to year 9 students due to them being heavily impacted by staff absence.

The school will therefore remain open for Year 7 who are not currently self isolating, years 8, 10, 11, 12 and 13 but will be closed for students in Year 9 for the period of Tuesday 24th until and including Friday 27th November. Due to the numbers of staff currently out of school we are unable to facilitate live lessons for Year 9 students working at home.  Teachers will set work for students to complete at home using the Google classroom and students will continue to follow their normal school timetable during this period of remote learning.

Year 9 students working at home will have a live registration session on Google Classroom with the form tutor or other member of staff to set students up for the day. Students will be briefed on Monday to ensure they know how to access this, and understand our expectations of them whilst they are working remotely.  The tutor session will be at 0845 each day and provides an opportunity for a daily check in.

Partial closure for Year 9 will end on Friday 27th November.

I am very aware that this will have an impact on parents/carers in terms of childcare arrangements and ask for your support during this unprecedented time.

I will be in contact again next week to update you about any plans for the following week.

Yours sincerely

Ms P Hammond


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