KS4 Separate Science


GCSE Separate  Science 

Examining board:


How students are assessed:

There are six papers in total and this will gain you 3 separate GCSEs (Biology, Chemistry, Physics). 2 papers each for biology, chemistry and physics these will all be taken at the end of Year 11 in the Summer exams.

Each paper is 1hr 45mins – 100 marks (50% of the GCSE)

Exam dates:

15th May (pm) Biology 1

17th May (am) Chemistry 1

 23rd May (pm) Physics 1

11th June (am) Biology 2

13th June (am) Chemistry 2

15th June (am) Physics 2

Other information:

Students will either sit higher or foundation tier.  At the higher tier students can attain grades from 9 – 3; at foundation students can attain grades from 7 – 1.

Revision resources available:

Revision material can be found on BBC Bitesize,




CPG GCSE Revision guides

Moodle – Past GCSE exam papers

Revision sessions available:

Every day after school except Tuesday.

A physics, biology and chemistry teacher available for support. L10, L13 and L4

Contact information:

Mrs A. Wiseman (Head of Biology)

Mr B. Dickens (Head of Physics)