KS3 English

The English Faculty at Campion offers English Language and English Literature to our Key Stage 3 students. We aim to make all learning an enjoyable experience which develops students to be fully rounded individuals, enabling them to develop their skills in communication, reading and writing. We aim to challenge and stretch our younger students to promote high standards, so that students can achieve their full potential.

All Year Key Stage 3 students take a variety of assessments throughout the year, these are rigorously monitored and the results are used to determine the best learning environment for each student. This also means that students that need intervention or additional support are identified during the course of the year.

At KS3 we follow a scheme of work that links to the skills students will have to master for their GCSEs. Schemes of learning are written collaboratively and are regularly reviewed and updated. The long term plan for each year group can be found in the menu bar at the bottom of this page.

Year 7 Catch-Up

Catch-Up funding was used to help those students that arrived at Campion School with a level significantly lower than the national average in English. The aim was to support these students in a variety of ways in order to improve their levels by the end of the academic year.

This was successfully achieved through an intervention programme which included small group teaching and support along with 1:1 sessions by dedicated members of staff in each faculty. Alongside the 1:1 sessions students also had extra English lessons as well as cross curricular literacy lessons.

Impact in English

In September 2016, fifteen students started the year below the national average in English. Through the intervention programme ten students finished the year reaching levels above their target grade and three finished the year at their target grades. Two students finished the year just one sublevel below their target grade.

Moving forward

The interventions and extra lessons will continue for those students who arrive at Campion with levels significantly below the national average. In English this means that any student scoring below 90 will be considered to be within the catch-up parameters.

We also aim to continue Catch-Up with year 8 students in order to continue to support their progress. In order to monitor progress a rigorous tracking and monitoring process is in place. A further review of Year 7 Catch-Up will take place in July 2018.

Fresh Start

We use Read Write Inc. Fresh Start for our students in Years 7 - 8 with a reading age of nine and below.

Read Write Inc. Fresh Start raises attainment rapidly in reading and writing. The programme boosts confidence by matching what they read with the sounds they know using specially created age-appropriate texts and anthologies. Read Write Inc. Fresh Start provides clear and cumulative writing activities to build vocabulary and punctuation.

For more information go to: https://global.oup.com/education/content/primary/series/rwi/fresh-start/?region=international