KS5 Literature & Language

Students studying English Language and Literature will read a variety of literary and non-literary texts and explore written and spoken language. Students will also produce their own writing for different audiences and purposes and learn to comment on their own use of language.

Skills and Qualifications

Students will need to have:

  • A willingness to read widely around the subject
  • Enjoyment of reading for pleasure
  • The ability to listen attentively and critically to spoken English
  • Enjoyment of expressing their own responses to literature and language through class discussion and through writing
  • Enjoy creating their own texts for analysis
  • At least a grade 5 in both GCSE English Language and English Literature.

By studying this subject you will:

  • Develop as independent, confident and reflective readers
  • Develop your skills in speaking and writing for different purposes and audiences
  • Develop your ability to relate literary and non-literary texts to the contexts in which they are produced
  • Develop your ability to use linguistic and literary concepts and analytical frameworks in commenting on a wide range of spoken language and written texts
  • Develop your ability to select approaches most appropriate for your investigation and research.

Method of Assessment

We follow the AQA A level specification. Assessment comprises:

  • Two external examinations, (one of 3 hours and one of 2 hours 30 minutes) worth 80% of thefinal mark
  • Non exam assessment totalling 2500-3000 words, worth 20% of the final mark.

Career Implications

This is a very adaptable qualification. It combines well with Humanities, Languages and artistic subjects but will also be very useful to show breadth of study for scientists. Anyone considering work in administration, banking or management will find this course to be of considerable practical benefit. It provides an excellent basis for the study of English at university and is a good match with a variety of other subjects. If you require any further information please see Miss Rea Gipki.