Teaching and Learning

At Campion School we endeavour to provide high quality teaching and learning experiences for all our students. To this effect, all members of staff are encouraged to continue to develop their skills by engaging in a programme of professional development known as the XL programme

The XL programme is delivered in a variety of ways including through weekly briefings, half-termly twilight meetings, group email communications and training days. During training sessions, teachers work collaboratively to understand and implement the latest pedagogy in the classroom. Our current focus is on providing the best teaching for students of all abilities, in particular ensuring challenge for our SEND and most able students at all key stages.

Here at Campion we also work with a variety teacher training programmes including the NTTP (Northampton teacher training partnership) http://www.ntctsa.co.uk/teacher-training-nttp/index.html and the GUTP (Grand Union Training Partnership) http://www.gutp.co.uk/