Why Campion Sixth Form?

Campion School Sixth Form offers a welcoming and inclusive learning environment. Providing a stepping-stone between school and university, the workplace or vocational pursuits, the sixth form aims to expand students’ perception of the world through supportive guidance helping them to become independent and successful learners; the young minds of today bearing the proposals of tomorrow.

Emphasis is placed upon responding to the needs of individuals to create a unique community where everyone feels valued and supported. Campion Sixth Form offers an array of exciting and challenging opportunities with something to capture the mind of each individual; from World Challenge expeditions to Russell Group and Sports Leadership to charitable volunteering, all students are involved in the success that makes the Sixth Form distinct from the school.

Focus is not only placed on the academic achievement of students but also upon providing an enriching and stimulating Sixth Form experience where opportunities for involvement range from school-based events to global challenges.

Campion Sixth Form recognises the fresh challenge a Sixth Form education extends and ensures that the demanding workload of A-levels is supported by a positive work ethic and is balanced at a time where social development is also important.

The concept of challenge is an important part of life at Campion Sixth Form, the first challenge being the transition from Year 11 into the 6th Form. The Sixth Form provides a new and unknown environment where students acquire the ability to critically examine and question from a perspective to which they may have previously been naïve. Through learning to cope with change, students discover new elements of their personalities and begin to define themselves as individuals.

Campion strives to welcome and build upon a community of ambitious, motivated and enthusiastic students to effectively guide them through some of the most important years of their lives. Through this Campion School Sixth Form presents a forward-thinking community of positive, well-rounded and self-confident young adults.