Duke of Edinburgh

The D of E Award is the World's Leading Award for Young People.  Campion participants need to be aged at least 13 and 9 months to start the Bronze Award.  You'll discover that there's more to life than sitting on the sofa watching life pass by.

Campion Students should go to the DofE page on Moodle for the latest information.

This nationally recognised award has three levels (bronze, silver and gold) and involves completing activities in four sections (five for gold).  You'll find yourself:

  • Benefiting your local community
  • Developing your skills in a sporting activity
  • Developing a skill or hobby
  • Travelling on an expedition
  • Taking part in a residential (gold only)

 Mission Statement and Aim

  • To inspire, guide and support young people in their self-development and recognise their achievements.
  • The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award aims to provide an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding programme of personal development for young people, which is of the highest quality and widest reach
  • For more information, please look at the Duke of Edinburgh web site.

The Levels 

Duke of Edinburgh Levels

For further information about Campion's Duke of Edinburgh activities please email d.e@campion.northants.sch.uk